Excursion Blue Energy – by Aniek Hilkens


On the 10th of February RUW organized an excursion to Friesland – a province in the north of the Netherlands –  together with study association Aktief Slip. We went with 38 students to Wetsus, a research-company in water technology. We went to this company, to learn more about Blue Energy. Blue Energy is a technology which generates energy out of water. In this technique, fresh and salt water are poured together. An electron flow is then generated from the differences in ion concentrations between fresh and salt water. This electron flow is the electricity called Blue Energy.

At Wetsus, we first listened to three presentations held by Phd’s, who told about their current research project and who were working at Wetsus. The first one was held by David Vermaas, he talked about his research in how to get the technology of Blue Energy more efficient. Then, Alexandra Deeke talked about bioelectrochemical systems and last but not least, Nadine Boelee talked about her research about the possibilities to treat municipal wastewater with algae. After these presentations, we had a guided tour in the laboratory of the company. Then we had a small lunch break and after lunch, we went to another location in Friesland. There, we had to opportunity to look at a larger pilot plant of Blue Energy. All in all, it was an interesting and varied excursion. Maybe it is interesting to visit Wetsus again in five years, to see how the development of Blue Energy has progressed.

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