Tour de Wageningen – by Yue Lu

Tour de Wageningen, amazing and wonderful! It was not only an activity to get people together and to enjoy a nice weekend but also a precious opportunity for us to become more familiar with Wageningen and its surroundings, especially for an international student who arrived at Wageningen University less than two weeks and even did not know where the monument of the (dead) tree was.

The nature reserve near the Rhine was our first stop. After enjoying an interesting movie of the history of the reserve, the guide showed us how the discarded brick factory worked in the past, and how the wild horse puts its shit as a circle to show he was the boss. Along a road which was full of the country smell, we arrived at the building in which people signed the Declaration of Independence on the 5th of May 1945. I did not even know this important historical event happened in Wageningen before I came here. And if you want to ask me which part was most unforgettable, it must be the windmill. Windmills and tulips stand for the Netherlands for most people in China. I always imagined how the real windmill would look like when I was a little girl. Especially when you could control the windmill’s speed and direction, even stop it. I used the flour, bought from the windmill, to cook some pancakes. Although I made a mess of the pancakes, I just told my roommates it was a kind of “Chinese pancake”, which they have never tasted before.

The organic farm near Hoevestein, from where we experienced how to plant, manage and harvest the organic vegetables, was interesting. And more important, it was a kind of new concept and lifestyle. It was a nice and wonderful day.