Symposium ‘InnoWater – Innovative solutions to live with Water’

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October 17, 9:30 – 17:00 hr
Where: Gaia, Lumen, Atlas (campus WUR)
Costs: Free for students
Subscription: via symposium-website
With this symposium we want to inspire you to think in terms of solutions instead of problems, by showing a wide range of innovations in the water sector. In the morning, prominent speakers in the sector will give an overview of current issues in the water-sector. They will furthermore stress the necessity of innovations to solve these problems. 
Raimond Hafkenscheid (Dutch ministry of foreign affairs) will facilitate the day.
Keynote speakers:
Pier Vellinga (Wageningen UR, VU)
Sander de Haas (SamSam water)
Bas van Vliet (Wageningen UR)
In the afternoon, there is the possiblity to participate in workshops in the following themes: ‘nature, flood risk, hygiene, food security, cities & water, energy’. Different innovations will be presented during the workshops. A broad spectrum of innovations will provide participants with knowledge onsate of the art in the sector.
DigiDijk • BoxBarrier • Energy from algae • Smart irrigation • CO2 storage in waste water • Eating seaweed • Pee for Power • Fish welfare • Tidal Energy • Balance Island • HydroCities • Watergame • Zandmotor • Cradle to Cradle Sanitation

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