October 16th, 2012

Participatory presentation of EAT-ME: Edible Academic Garden & Environmental Education

Mission: To cultivate an academic garden where the WUR community can learn about food production and sustainability in action by working collaboratively. Vision: To be a world leader in innovative edible academic gardens

In order to better understand this movement and see what the site-specific opportunities are for EAT ME, an ACT project for period 2 has been commissioned by the recently established Green Office. The ACT group will be providing a comprehensive look at academic farm/gardens on university campuses in different parts of the world.

Concurrently the design for EAT ME is in full swing. The facilities department, the landscape architecture chair group (students and staff) and the project initiators are collaborating to create designs for two proposed locations of the garden. Once the two designs have been completed and turned into 2D and 3D formats they will be presented to the executive board and facilities department who will at that time, decide which location is more suitable for EAT ME.

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