Virtual Water

virtual water -s -nitocra 2 + RUWWhen: 15th of January 2013, 20:00 o’clock.
Where: C103, FORUM Building
What: A lecture and discussion on Virtual Water
Who:  Charlotte de Fraiture
Organisation: Nitocra and RUW Foundation

Virtual water is hidden water. For instance, your daily cup of coffee has usurped 140 litres of water before you drink your 200 millilitres of liquid at breakfast! This water is needed to produce all our goods and is not (immediately) available for other purposes.

After a short introductory quiz on what virtual water is, Charlotte de Fraiture from Unesco IHE gave a lecture on why virtual water is important using the following statement:

“The world is hungry, because the world is thirsty.”

With a growing population and changing food habits, more water is needed to fulfil our needs. But as the amount of water doesn’t change, we need to find other ways to save water if we want to be able to feed everyone. Food losses are estimated from 20 to 40 % and there is a lot to be gained in better cooling systems and storages.

Of course, the consumer plays his or her part in the water problem. Dietary changes, such as switching to a vegetarian diet, save water, because a meat rich diet uses twice the amount of virtual water. But there are less drastic ways to save water and that is saving food. And that’s an option your wallet is happy about too.

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