Meating Animals: a series on the relation between people, animals and food

poster meatseries1What: 3 activities which try to unravel the relation between people, animals and eating meat.
1. (31-01-2013) ‘Meating Animals’: (morning) excursion to a slaughterhouse.
2. (12-02-2013) ‘Talk Meat’: philosophical debate on people, animals and food relations.
3. March date t.b.a.: ‘Meat Regulation: history and future’

When: Thursday 31-01: ‘Meating Animals’: (morning) excursion to a slaughterhouse. max. 20 people. +/- 08:00 – 13:30 o’clock. DEADLINE SUBSCIRPTION: 29TH OF JANUARY

Where: Gathering at +/- 08:00 o’clock in Building with the Clock (Generaal Foulkesweg 37)  From thereon we go to Apeldoorn.

Subscription: via

A little background: Globalisation and industraliation have led to, among others, a gap between meat production and consumption. The relation between human beings and eating animals is influenced by a new societal context. This series will focus on this relationship. In other words: what is the relation between people, animals and meat consumption?

We first visit a slaughterhouse, to make participants familiar with the origins of meat. To move beyond ethical and political statements, the excursion is followed by an evening that tries to philosophically unravel the relationship between human-beings and eating animals. The panel chairmen will be the philospher Clemens Driessen, who will try to open up the debate and make it a curious and open space for discussion and questions. The last activity will focus on an historical analysis of meat consumption regulation, and a possible future scenario.

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