Talk Meat debate

talk meat finalTalk Meat debate

What: a philosophical debate about the relations between people, animals and food, with Tinkebell, Eveline DelnoozStefan Bles and Clemens Driessen
When: February 12th: 19.00-21.00

The second event of the meat-series was a debate that took place on the evening of the 12th of February. This time RUW had the honor to welcome three guest speakers to talk about their meat-experience and Clemens Driessen, who was the panel chairman this evening.

The evening started off with Tinkebell, an artist who you might have heard of in the news recently. Her controversial ideas about meat, pets and especially taxidermy of her own cat have made her famous. During the evening she introduced Amy Taxidermy, a young American girl who is united with nature, loves animals and kills them for her business. She collects and kills animals and turns them into stuffed animals, while eating the meat, wanting to waste nothing. Tinkebell suggested that by dealing with animals this way, Amy is more in touch with nature than the second guest, Eveline.

Eveline (nickname ‘the Vegan’) is a student at Wageningen University. As her passion is cooking, she took the initiative to start her own take-away vegetarian/vegan meal service. RUW asked her this evening to tell something about her reason to eat almost entirely vegan. Her main motive is because killing animals for food is not necessary to survive, so why would you take the right to kill? A response from the audience was that if a lion can kill a zebra, why can’t a human kill a cow?

This brings us to the third guest: master butcher Stefan Bles, who owns a slaughter house for conventional and organic held animals. He explains that by killing the animals himself, he knows it will be performed in a good way. It’s not about the thrill or the excitement of killing, but more about knowing what is going on when a pig turns into bacon.

An interesting aspect of the evening was that all three guests are aware of what is happening with their food. The headlines of the news told us last week about the pre-cooked meals in the UK, shocking that people eat horse while they think they eat beef. It shows how far away we stand from the production of our food.

After the intriguing story of Tinkebell about why we cannot save male chicks from the shredder, the discussion really got going. Several people in the audience expressed their opinion about killing animals and the meat production industry, ranging from concerns about the Amazon rainforest to the moral and cultural questions of why we kill and eat particular animals. Even during the drinks afterwards the discussion continued.




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