Power to the People: Reclaim the Seeds!

poster grassroots science - Reclaim the SeedsWhat: The first activity within the Power to the People and Grassroots Science series
When: February 21st at 19:30h
Where: Forum building in Wageningen, C321
Organised by: Otherwise, Boerengroep, and RUW
Registration: please register at Grassroots Science.nl

Agrobiodiversity, food production and farmer rights are at stake! Farmers are losing control over plant breeding and seed production. The expansion of patent laws driven by multinational corporations such as Monsanto further threaten this. This does not only mean farmers (and hobby gardeners!) always have to buy seeds every year, it also means they are not the one’s choosing the qualities of the crops they grow. This threatens the capacity to develop varieties that are well adapted to a specific area (resistant to local pests, well-yielding on your soils without too many chemical inputs, with the taste your specific consumers ask for) you have very limited choice.

This evening, Linda Coenen (Aseed) will talk about the underlying power dynamics and the consequences. René Groenen (Bingenheimer Saatgut, Kultursaat) will talk about a farmer controlled breeding system with sustainability gains and through which farmers were able to regain control over their seeds.



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