MEATseries #3: ‘The history, present and future of meat consumption and regulation’

2897473-0The third activity of the MEATseries is coming up!

What: Debate about meat consumption and regulation, with Erno Eskens, Lisette Kreischer, Cor van der Weele and Clemens Driessen.
When: Tuesday, March 26, 19.30
Where: C76, Leeuwenborch building (Building 201, Hollandseweg 1)
Costs: Free

Central in this third activity of the MEATseries are meat consumption and regulation. From a historical perspective, what has changed when it comes to killing animals and eating meat?
How for example, did eating with a knife and fork evolve? The debate also explores the current state of affairs when it comes to animals and food as well as several future perspectives on meat consumption and regulation. What could be the role of for instance In Vitro meat or veganism?

Erno Eskens (Democracy for Animals), Lisette Kreischer (Veggie in Pumps, Dutch Weed Burger) and Cor van der Weele (In Vitro Meat) will share their perspective on these matters. Clemens Driessen (Animal Ethics) will lead the debate. Again, there is plenty of room for your input and questions, also during the free drink afterwards!

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