Bike excursion to Gelderland

RUW Bicycle Binnex FINAL

What: Bike excursion
When: 24th-26th May 2013
Where: Angeren, Arnhem, Doornenburg and Huissen
Costs: €30 (all included)
Subscription: before the 17th of May

The Dutch countryside meets Mongolia on this bike tour organised by RUW! On Friday we will travel from Wageningen to Angeren by bike, the Dutch favourite way of transportation. While we are cruising through the Dutch countryside, Mongolia is getting closer and we’ll find it in Angeren. We will stay in traditional Mongolian yurts. The next morning we will pay a visit to medieval castle Doornenburg. Furthermore we will visit a museum on glasshouse horticulture, where they even produced wine, and two farms which are still in use and have a tour. The next day we will travel to Wageningen and through time as we will pay a visit to the open air museum.


Friday Cycling from Wageningen to Angeren. We will start at 15:30. We will bring one car with us, so you can put your luggage in the car. When we arrive in Angeren we will have dinner together and you can explore the farm as they are keeping lamas.
Saturday We will bike through the country side and pay visits to castle Doornenburg, a museum on glasshouse horticulture and two Dutch farms. ‘En route’ we will enjoy the Dutch country side and a picnic too.
Sunday We will travel back to Wageningen, but we will also visit the Open Air Museum in Arnhem. Here we will have a guided tour and have an impression of how several Dutch buildings such as farms, houses and stables looked like centuries ago!

Subscribe for this tour before the 17th of May using the subject line “BinnEx”. Also mention your phone number and if you eat meat or veggies.