Tour de Wageningen

W2013-09-21 13.33.20 2013-09-21 10.33.33hen: 21st September 2013
What: Tour de Wageningen
Where: Wageningen and surroundings

It’s dry outside – a perfect excuse to go for a bicycle ride through Wageningen and its surroundings. Our participants were excited to know what else is there to be seen except the ‘house-university’ route.

We visited a number of places on the way. The Hoge Borrn – an organic ‘caring’ farm north of the Forum. The farm takes care of mentally disabled people by providing different methods for therapy. It also sells its organic products, (and repaired bicycles) in a small shop. We then cycled through the Binnenveld, a quiet landscape between the two hills (yes we have those), to the Blauwe Kamer. Translated as the Blue Room, this area is a nature reserve situated to the west of Wageningen. Not only it is an important bird habitat, it also acts as a buffer zone in times of high water levels. Flood water is ‘saved’ here, so that areas downstream have less problems.

Afterwards we went back to Wageningen, through Hotel de Wereld to another organic shop, Buys and Co. Here we ate some tasty apples and then went on to the mill De Vlijt – one of the few mills still in professional operation in the Netherlands, that mills organic grains and produces flour and flour products for the region.

Through this trip the participants gained an insight into what there is to see outside the city center of Wageningen and got to know places where they can buy local and regional products.