The incredible MICRO nutrients!

LogoMineralenSeries1This year RUW celebrates the 35th anniversary of its existence! We would like to invite you to celebrate it with us by joining one of our activities in October and November!

  • 17th October – What’s up with the nutrients?
    What: kick-off lecture of the Incredible Micronutrient Series
    Topic: What are micronutrients and why are they important for agriculture, food, health and the environment? What is the current state of affairs with regard to a shortage of micronutrients like Zinc and Selenium?
    Time: 19.30-21.30
    Location: Forum building, room C221
    Speakers: Wim Bussink (Nutrient Mangement Institute) and Wim Chardon (Alterra)
  • 1st of November – Excursion to AgriFirm
    Topic: Why and how are micronutrients used in the agri food sector, and where do they come from?
    Time: 12.30-16.30
    Location: Oss. RUW will arrange transport 
  • 14th of November – Micronutrients and human health
  • 21st November – Excursion to the seaweed lab
  • End of November – Geopolitics and micronutrients

Are world soils becoming deficient in micronutrients like Zinc and Selenium? In this series, we will investigate why mironutrients are so important, how a shortage occurs and what effects this deficiency can have on agriculture, health and environment. Furthermore, options for recycling will be discussed. RUW will invite a number of guest lecturers and organize a number of excursions, among others to a seaweed farm in the Netherlands.

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