Micronutrients and the agri food sector: excursion to Agrifirm


What: excursion to Agrifirm
When: November 1st
Time: 12.30-16.30
Costs: 5 euros
Registration: ruw@wur.nl

Follow the cycle of the micronutrients with RUW! RUW organizes an excursion to a cattle feed factory, Agrifirm in Oss. Here we will find out how cattle feed is produced, how and why micronutrients are used in their products, and where Agrifirm gets them from. We will also go into the factory! Subscription is required, as there are limited places available.

Background: As we found out in the introductory lecture that took place on October 17th, some regions are coping with a shortage of micronutrients in soils, while others actually have a surplus in certain nutrients. Micronutrients are used in the industrial sector and to a lesser extent in agriculture. Micronutrients are essential for the growth and health of cattle, poultry and pigs. Deficiency in micronutrients can have serious consequences, for instance for their nervous system, metabolism and reproductive health. In the agri food sector, micronutrients are used to produce animal feed. As was discussed in the introductory lecture, the balance of micronutrients in the food is not always in line with the nutritional needs of animals. For some micronutrients and animals, this nutritional need is many times lower than the availability of the nutrient in the animal feed product.

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