Micronutrients and human health

Place: C317 FORUM
Date: 14 November
Costs: Free
Speakers: Alida Melse (WUR) and Paul Hulshof (WUR)

Micronutrients such as iodine and iron have become an important issue on the political agenda since they were identified in the World Health Report (2000) among the world’s most serious health risk factors and are part of the strategy to prevent and control diseases such as HIV and diet-related chronic diseases. Micronutrient deficiencies are not solely a problem occurring in poorer countries, but are also prevalent in industrialized countries as preferred foods are high in energy but do not contain much else. The lecture will explore this public health hazard from different angles.

Alida Melse (WUR) will pay attention to the introduction of yellow cassava in Africa while Paul Hulshof will look at the relationship between fertilizer and nutrient density in crops. Afterwards several topics from the lecture will be discussed. The lecture and debate will take place in C317 at the FORUM and starts at 19:30. The lecture is free to attend.

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