(Un)accepted Foods

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What: Lecture, discussion and tasting
When: Tuesday 8th of April 19-21
Where: Public library (BBLTHK), Wageningen
Costs: Free

How about a horse burger or fried grasshoppers for dinner?

Good chance you feel a bit weird about the idea of having this on your plate! But did you know that worldwide, 1900 insect species are eaten? And that edible insects can contribute to meeting global food security challenges? Surely you also remember the horse meat scandal. Besides questions about the transparency of the food industry, it also gave rise to questions about the edibility of less conventional meat. Did you know that a My Little Pony Burger and croquettes made out of geese that are killed in Schiphol Airport area already exist?

Join RUW at this ‘(Un)accepted Foods’ evening to learn more about the potential of insects as food and about eating unconventional food products like horse and goose meat. Find out why responses to such food items can be so strong and how attitudes towards them differ across cultures. And how about challenging your own food habits at the tasting?


Jessica Duncan: Lecturer in Food Cultures and Food Policy at Rural Sociology Group (WUR)
Arnold van Huis: Author of ‘The insect cookbook’, researcher at the Entomology department (WUR)
Rob Hagenouw: Keuken van het Ongewenst Dier (Kitchen of the Unwanted Animal)

Facebook event can be found here!