Tour de Wageningen (bicycle excursion)

What: A biking tour through Wageningen and surroundings!
When: Saturday, 13 September, 9.45-16.00
Costs: Free, bring your own bike and lunch!
Registration: before September 12th

Are you interested in what Wageningen has to offer you? Join the Tour de Wageningen and discover some of the hotspots of Wageningen and surroundings by bike! Find out if you have what it takes to obtain the coveted yellow jersey in the different stages. In between excursion points the RUW team will provide you with some fun facts about the surroundings. ‘En route’ we will visit a farm, a community garden, wind mill ‘De Vlijt’, nature area ‘De Blauwe Kamer’ and Hotel de Wereld. The perfect way to get to know Wageningen! Bring your own lunch & bike and register before September 12th. We have limited places available so: first come = first served.

Tour de Wageningen 2-page-001

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