Meet Us!

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What: Meet Us!
When: 17 September | 18.00 – 21.00
Where: The Spot | Orion 

Perhaps you have just arrived in Wageningen or maybe you have already been around for a while. Anyway, if you are interested in what Wageningen has to offer you after classes the Meet Us! is the ideal event to meet the ‘green’ organisations. Green? We have organised ourselves under the name Green Actives. Our organisations work in similar fields of Wageningen University and through our activities complement to the themes covered by the university. Though we have organised ourselves in one organisation, we are by no means the same. So come to the Meet Us! to find out the differences and decide whose activities are most appealing.

The event will kick-off with pitches of the different organisations from 18.00 onwards. At 19.00 you can grab dinner for €4-5 at the Spot while chatting up with the different organisations in an informal setting.

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