Green Kitchen


Good food and good company, what else do you need? In retrospect we could have themed the kitchen Dutch as the menu consisted of typical seasonal Dutch items: pumpkin soup, kale mash and apple pie! The Green Kitchen was part of the Social Erasmus week of IxESN to connect students with the local communities and RUW was happy to help. Therefore this kitchen was a bit different than usual with two speakers from Wageningen food initiatives taking the floor to explain the workings of their business.

Elizabeth works at Lazuur Food Community who were not so coincidental the suppliers of the food that evening. She explained that the shop was founded by consumers who did not agree with the current food system. After the kale mash it was Klaas’ turn to talk about his project ‘De Nieuwe Ronde’. This is a community garden where people can harvest vegetables, fruits and herbs that have been grown ecologically sound. All harvesters are a member of the association ensuring a stable flow of income.

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