Resource Revolution – Sustainable Entrepreneurship

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What: lecture and debate
When: 21 January, 19.15
Where: Public Library // Stationsstraat 2
Entrance: Free

A new wind is blowing in entrepreneurial land and it is called sustainable entrepreneurship. We will look into the question what sustainable entrepreneurship is and whether it is more than nowadays’ catchphrase. Who better to answer this question than those who are entrepreneurs?

An introduction of the speakers: Jan de WiltInnovatieNetwork

Foto Jan de Wilt

Jan de Wilt (1957) is a Dutch agricultural engineer, with a background in animal sciences. After his PhD in animal behaviour and welfare at Wageningen University, he held jobs in research planning and management, foresight and innovation. Currently he holds the position of program manager at InnovatieNetwork with his fields of expertise being agriculture and agribusiness. InnovationNetwork seeks to kick-start ground-breaking innovations by developing breakthrough concepts which, once implemented, catalyze radical and far-reaching change. He is responsible for several ground-breaking projects including the ‘ECOFERM!’ project. The ECOFERM! is a thrift farm which, alongside meat, also produces energy, algae, duckweed and clean water following the principle of industrial ecology.

Jules NeefjesMud JeansJules Neefjes

Mud Jeans is a Dutch denim brand that dreams of a world in which there is no such thing as waste. Old jeans are shredded and blended with organic cotton from which a new denim yarn is made. From this yarn new products are made. Mud Jeans wants to show the world that a circular economy in the fashion industry is possible.

The concept is called Cotton Lease. Customers buy the jeans, but lease the cotton. They get an incentive for bringing back the jeans once they are worn out. Jules Neefjes has been involved in Mud Jeans from the very early stages. Inspired by his studies and conscious about practices in the fashion industry, Mud Jeans fit his interests perfectly. Disrupting the standards, and working on products that are better for the producer, consumer and the environment is one of the most inspiring and creative activities that a creative and entrepreneurial minded person can do.

Drs. Lavinia WarnarsLavinia’s Eco Solutions (LES)lavinia

Lavinia is on a mission: to enhance sustainability on a global scale, where social and ecological values are put first and are foremost important, rather than economic gain. After engaging in several projects she realised she needed to found a company to channel her ideas: Lavinia’s Eco Solutions (LES) was born. LES aims to co-create and enhance real sustainable development on the international scale through creative, novel, innovative, and inspiring projects and activities. LES is being inspired by creating impact!

The E in LES stands for all that is natural and thus Eco stands for all that lives and alternates in time. The S is for solutions that respect the Eco part. She combines social aspects with commercial opportunities to create feasible solutions to complicated challenges.

StartHub Wageningen – Coaching entrepreneurial (PhD) students

Logo StartHúbStartHub Wageningen is a breeding place for (PhD)students of Wageningen University, who wish to start their own business in any field. They offer anything students may need to develop their ideas into a real company: housing, financial support, knowledge and a broad network. Their expertise lies mainly within food and agro, but every upcoming entrepreneur is welcome.

They are located on the campus in building 119 so feel free to pass by if you have questions or are just curious.

– – – –

So are you interested in sustainable entrepreneurship or do you already have an idea? Join us in the public library on the 21st of January at 19.15 for an inspiring evening and keep an eye on our website for updates! This is the opening of 2015 with the new year theme.

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