Excursion to ECOFERM

When: 11 April. 13 – 18 h. 150310 Poster.jpg 1

Costs: €5

Deadline subscription: 9 April

Animal husbandry is facing increasing resistance concerning the welfare of animals and the effect of manure on climate and the environment. The Dutch institute InnovatieNetwerk and the family Kroes came up with the idea of closing cycles to address these growing concerns. ECOFERM! was born.

ECOFERM! is the first closed loop farm in the Netherlands. Central to the ECOFERM! concept is the principle of closed cycles. The ‘waste’ products from veal farming (manure, ammonia, water, vapour, CO2 and residual heat) are used for the production of algae, biogas, electricity and clean water.

Subscription is possible up to the 9th of April, but there are only limited places available so full = full! You can subscribe by sending an e-mail to ruw@wur.nl. Costs are €5 per person.


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