Resource Revolution 2.0

What: lecture and debate
When: 22 April, 19.15
Where: Speakers Corner @ Impulse // building 115
Entrance: Free

Because of the success and huge interest shown by students regarding our opening activity, we decided to organise a second Resource Revolution activity based on entrepreneurship: Resource Revolution 2.0.

A new wind is blowing in entrepreneurial land and it is called sustainable entrepreneurship. We will look into the question what sustainable entrepreneurship is and whether it is more than nowadays’ catchphrase. Who better to answer this question than those who are entrepreneurs?

An introduction of the speakers:

Natascha Kooiman – Smaackmakers

Natascha Kooiman is a ‘new economy rebel lady’ with a foodish mission. She has a passion for food , the world, nature and everything that lives. After a traineeship on the protein transition and a research to opportunities for caterers, she became involved in various initiatives such as variation in the Kitchen , Viva Las Vega ‘s, Food Guerrilla and she started the platform for sustainable food initiatives FoodQuake. Her dedication to sustainabilize our food system leaded her to become one of the DJ100 ( Sustainable Youth 100 in Holland).  Natascha believes we can eat the world better. And she aims on that by inspiring people, companies and government to do so and how to do so. Together with her compagnon Aart Janvan Dijk, she runs Smaackmakers. With their fresh start-up they are working on various projects, like striving to more sustainable canteens; offering delicious food experiences to groups and companies; and by telling an inspiring story to show how delicious sustainable can be. Natascha’s dream? For the short term: help the big caterers to change their offering. For the long term: get as much organisations and people as possible to make more sustainable food choices!

Tom van de Beek – I love Beeing

Tom van de Beek is what he calls an ecopreneur. Under the umbrella of The Tipping Point, Tom has set up a series of successful ventures: I Love Beeing, Business4Bees, Natuur op de Muur, and others. He is founder of Butch and Sundance, a media and serious gaming company, and of Strawberry Earth Film Festival. Tom sits on the Board of the NatureCollege Foundation of Dutch Royal Highness Princess Irene von Lippe-Biesterfeld and in the past 4 years has been listed by Trouw as one of the 100 most influential people in the field of sustainability in the Netherlands.

Emma van der Leest – Biofabricated product design

Emma is a fourth-year product design student at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. A jacket made out of bacteria and yeast made by fashion futurist Suzanne Lee changed her school career. Since 3 years she is focussing on the emerging field of living materials. She is trying to find new ways of using materials grown by organisms, bacteria, yeast or cells in consumer products, use the functional aesthetics and properties to design these products. A desire was fulfilled when she became part of Lee’s Biocouture design consultancy in London. There she learned a lot about organisms in design and science. Together they organized the worlds first summit in New York focus on commercial, artistic and research the disruptive technologies that comprise the emerging field of grown materials, called Biofabricate. Together with scientists, artist and designers they can work on these inspiring new materials by making concepts, experimenting, testing and making. She would like to improve her skills as designer, but also as artist and scientist. Emma loves to work in a multidisciplinary work field because she thinks it’s nice to share knowledge and teach each other new things and push the boundaries. Scientists have a lot of knowledge and Emma thinks it’s her task as designer to translate this knowledge into physical products.

So are you interested in sustainable entrepreneurship or do you already have an idea? Join us in the public library on the 22nd of April at 19.15 for an inspiring evening and keep an eye on our website for updates! See you there.

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