Excursion Berlin & Leipzig: Resource Revolution

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Program updates!

Bundestag Berlin

Platz der Republik 1

The German Bundestag is elected by the German people and is the forum where differing opinions about the policies the country should be pursuing are formulated and discussed. We will visit the Bundestag on the invitation of ‘Die Grunen’ a green political party in Germany. We will first get a tour and lecture on the functions, working methods and composition of Parliament, as well as the history and architecture of the Reichstag Building; a discussion with the Member of Parliament who invited the group; a snack and a group photo 😀


ECF Farmers Market Berlin

Bessemerstrasse 16

ECF designs and builds aquaponic farm systems. These are a solution to efficient food production as the water is used twice: first for fish, then for vegetable production. Furthermore, waste products from fish are used to fertilize the plants and emissions from transportation and cooling chains are avoided. ECF is currently building Europe’s largest urban aquaponic farm in Berlin. From 2015 the 1.800 sqm site will produce approx. 25 tons of fish and 35 tons of high-quality vegetables. Within city boundaries, ECF offers Partner farms. In the countryside, ECF offers planning and construction of ECF industrial farms’. We will visit the Berlin ECF Farmers Market and get a guided tour with the opportunity to ask question.


Cradle to Cradle Institute Berlin

Cradle-to-Cradle is a young non-government organization which tries to implement the idea of Cradle-to-Cradle into society. The idea is to create production techniques that are not just efficient but are essentially waste free. In cradle to cradle production all material inputs and outputs are seen either as technical or biological nutrients. Technical nutrients can be recycled or reused with no loss of quality and biological nutrients composted or consumed. By contrast cradle to grave refers to a company taking responsibility for the disposal of goods it has produced, but not necessarily putting products’ constituent components back into service. We will visit the Cradle to Cradle office in Berlin and get a presentation about Cradle to Cradle concepts.


Tour Berlin

On Sunday we are planning a tour through Berlin in which we get to know the city a little bit better with the focus on green initiatives in the city. As soon as we know more details we will let you know!

Urban Gardening initiative ‘Mauergarten e.V’

Mauergarten is a local community initiative that connects people of different cultures and backgrounds. We have been caring for and developing an open, social and organic space in Berlin’s Mauerpark since 2012. We will visit the garden with one of its founders Frank Becker. He is also involved in Kubus: Cooperation and Consulting for Environmental Questions,  which is Science Shop of the TU Berlin. The Science Ship is University based and funded, is a service facility of TU Berlin and part of the Centre for Scientific Continuing Education and Cooperation (ZEWK). It has been established in 1986. Mr Becker will also explain us about Kubus since we will be visiting also other projects with Kubus staff.


Roof Water Farm pilot project

ROOF WATER-FARM demonstrates paths towards  innovative city water management and urban food production. Potentials and risks of redesigning across sectors of infrastructure will be explored and communicated.

The research association investigates opportunities for building-integrated water treatment systems to irrgate and fertilize roof-top greenhouses. Technologies for water treatment and aquaponics (plant and fish cultivation) will be examined at a demonstration and test site in Berlin-Kreuzberg. The research focuses on a hygienically safe usage of rainwater, greywater and blackwater as both a strategy for city water management and a potential for urban food production.

Erwin Nolde from Nolde & Partner engineering will show you the grey water treatment and Dr. Grit Bürgow, from the TU Berlin department of urban and regional planning will give you an overview of the project and an inside view into the green house with vegetable and food production.

This visit is also arranged through the Kubus science shop of the TU Berlin.


Kompetenz Wasser ( waste water project)

The Kompetenzzentrum Wasser Berlin (KWB – Berlin Centre of Competence for Water) is an international centre for water research and knowledge transfer. KWB links the water expertise of Berlin´s universities and research institutes, the Berlin wasser group of companies, Berlin SMEs, the Berlin administration and Veolia as international provider for environmental services.

We are invited to visit the office of Kompetenz Wasser where we will get a presentation about the CARISMO project “Carbon is Money” From Wastewater to Energy. Due to its potential of chemical energy (organic content), municipal wastewater is yet a largely untapped source of renewable energy. Instead, wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) require primary energy, mostly as aeration requirements, to clean and dispose municipal effluents. The project looks into the possibilities of making water waste treatments more energy efficient and even net energy producers.



A start up in Leipzig! Seidentraum is a trading company dealing with sustainable silk. We will meet the owner who will tell about his company and business philosophy.


Cafe Kaputts

Cafe Kaputts is a repair cafe in Leipzig we will visit the cafe for a full afternoon program. We will not only learn everything about the repair cafe and why it was set up but you can also repair something yourself! So please bring a piece of clothing on the trip that is broken, then we will repair it together in Leipzig!


“Nomadisch Grün (Nomadic Green) launched Prinzessinnengärten (Princess gardens) as a pilot project in the summer of 2009 at Moritzplatz in Berlin Kreuzberg, a site which had been a wasteland for over half a century. Along with friends, activists and neighbours, the group cleared away rubbish, built transportable organic vegetable plots and reaped the first fruits of their labour.


Student project laboratories TU Berlin

Presentation /introduction of the student project laboratories at TU Berlin


Anna Linde is a social urban agriculture project in West Leipzig. Their goal is to provide places of exchange and learning on issues of local and ecological production of food, biodiversity, sustainable consumption, the responsible use of resources and a future-oriented neighborhood and city development. We are trying to organize a workshop here. As soon as we know more we will let you know!






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