This Changes Everything “Blockadia”

poster blockadia
Naomi Klein’s – This Changes Everything sparked the interest of various green organisations in Wageningen as her book approaches climate change from an environmental justice perspective. Stichting RUW coordinates the collaborative effort with the Law and Governance group, Boerengroep, Aktief Slip, Fossil Free Wageningen and Green Office Wageningen to explore and debate her ideas on the future of climate policy.
This will take place in the shape of two events organised on the same day.

13.00 Global ways to CO2 reduction

Together with the Law and Governance group an academic debate on the nexus between law, economy and climate policy with renowned experts at 13.00 on climate change solutions and their barriers. We will zoom in on one of the most important puzzles for international governance to solve: the global reduction of CO2.
We invite guests who are experts on law, policy or economics to gain a better understanding of the problems, strategies and policies as no single scientific discipline can overcome the tragedy of the commons situation we’re facing on its own. Change is needed in the way we deal with the extraction and burning of fossil carbon.

19.30 This Changes Everything: Blockadia

There will be a large public debate in C222 on one of the key concepts in This Changes Everything: Blockadia. This will have a more hands-on approach and looks at what is happening now in the Netherlands with many new “environmental” groups (Fossil Free, De Nieuwe Universiteit, the Kantelpartij, Groningen tegen Gas, Urgenda, Greenpeace, Groenfront ). Naomi Klein is convinced that these movements are our best for saving our climate.  how effective are these organizations? Do they work together? What role can Wageningen play in this renewed environmental movement? More info will follow:
By comparing the outcomes of the academic debate in the afternoon (what actions and changes are needed to avoid disastrous climate change?) with the outcomes of the evening debate (which actions are being taken right now?) we can conclude if we are on the right track and which aspects need more attention. Both the afternoon and evening segment emphasise the bigger picture and the systemic problems as global climate change transcends academic fields.
Please subscribe to the facebook event so we know how many guests to expect:

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