Grassroots Science series in September

Grassroots science

In September Boerengroep, OtherWise, and RUW Foundation organise a series of activities about Herbs and Livestock farming.

Sept 13: Bike Excursion: Veld & Beek

Veld and Beek is no ordinary dairy farm. They have a very innovatie system to deliver their products with consumers in the surroundings – in fact, the cows are owned by the consumers! But there’s more: the stable of the cows transforms into a greenhouse when the cows are outside in the meadow…Don’t miss out on this excursion! Join us for a nice bike tour, discover the very special stable/greenhouse, and enjoy some real fresh milk from Dutch cows!
Costs: free
Depart: 11:00 at ‘iron tree’ in front of Forum Building
Sign up:
More info: and article “Producers and Consumers Build new Food Practices” – Agricultures Network

Sept 22: Lecture: Herbs and livestock farming

Veterinarian Katrien van ‘t Hooft will come to Wageningen to explain about the challenges and potential solutions she  came across while working with farmers in the Netherlands, Africa and Asia around the topic of reducing the use of synthetic antibiotics. She started an interesting exchange programme for farmers to visit other countries. Can we treat mastitis with knowledge from India or are these farming realities too different? Join us for this very interesting story of a veterinarian in search for grassroots knowledge.
Costs: free
More info: article about the story of Katrien van ‘t Hooft and website

Katrien van 't Hooft Lecture Poster

Oct 1: International Symposium: Green Solutions for Reducing Antibiotics, Zwolle

During this international symposium, a delegation of Indian and other international farmers, veterinarians and scienctists will share their knowledge on dairy farming, including the use of herbs. Boerengroep will arrange transport to this symposium from Wageningen to Zwolle.
Costs: 6 Euro
Sign up:
More info: website

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