Excursion to Amsterdam: Innovation & Design Amsterdam ( 26 September)


Urbanization, Climate Change, Food Security, Sustainable Entrepreneurship… nowadays we live in a fast changing world and we have to adapt to it. But how do we do that? During the excursion Innovation and Design we will visit three organizations (AMS institute, Mediametic and Metabolic) who are seeking for solutions from a different perspective. The main focus of AMS institute is the sustainable management of cities since this has become one of the major challenges of the 21st century. Mediametic are currently researching and developing new ways of organizing resources and people, while getting inspired by both art and science. Metabolic are promoting, designing and implementing the use of clean technology and the concept of circular economy.    

AMS institute is a new ambitious scientific institute located in Amsterdam. In this institute science, education, government, business partners and societal organizations are working tightly together to create solutions for the complex challenges a metropolitan region like Amsterdam is facing. Now and in the future. This will be done, for example, through research projects and test beds. As a result AMS will develop a deep understanding of the city – sense the city -, design solutions for its challenges, and integrate these into the city. Amsterdam is the AMS living lab to develop and test these metropolitan solutions – involving the Amsterdam citizens as testers, users and co-creators.

Mediametic is officially a cultural institution interested in the interaction between cultural development and new technologies. One of the projects facilitated by Mediametic which we will visit during this day trip is the aquaponic system: “Aquaponics is a sustainable farming practice in which food can be produced within the city boundaries, as it hardly takes up any space. An ecosystem is created from which plants and fish are cultivated. The fish poo feeds the plants, and the plants clean the water for the fish. There’s hardly any waste”.

Metabolic is a cleantech development and systems consulting firm. “We are powered by a cooperative of multi-disciplinary entrepreneurs who share a desire to realize epic, groundbreaking projects that actively transition the world to a more equitable, sustainable state”. They believe in innovation that democratizes technology and empowers people. They work with universities, utilities, research institutes and businesses to implement holistic and replicable building blocks for a resilient society.

Important details:

Price: The price of the excursion will be 20,- per person including the bus trip, excluding lunch.

Date & Time: 26 September 2015. The bus will leave at 8.00 h in the morning and will return between 18.00 h and 19.00 h.

Place: The bus will leave from the Campus, before the Radix building.

Subscription: You can subscribe by sending an e-mail to ruw@wur.nl before September the 20th.

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