Seminar woman in agriculture: Rights, Roles and Leadership

Anowara Begum, 35, harvests radishes in a field in Ampara, Bangladesh. The Microfinance and Technical Support Project is an IFAD initiative which focused on small-scale farmers with limited access to land in an area commonly affected by extreme yearly flooding. The project aims to improve access to essential services and focus on the promotion of high-value products which do not require large landholdings. Ampara is located in Raja Nagar, Sunamganj, Bangladesh.“Good news is the ear’s favourite dish” Ewe proverb (Ghana) – We come with good news!

Date: 5 November
Location: Leeuwenborch, room C63
Time: 20:00, entrance from 19:30
Entrance: free

Stichting Otherwise, Boerengroep, RUW Foundation and ILEIA proudly bring to the WUR community eight renowned women farmers and activists from Senegal, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Malaysia and Philippines. The guest speakers are astute global campaigners who are participating in diverse global campaigns to push through women’s agenda in agriculture. They have rich experiences and years of activism in the struggles for more sustainable farming that is gender responsive, ecologically and socially just. The speakers will share perspectives on current issues and struggles women farmers are pursuing as well as the advocacy strategies they adopt. They will highlight dimensions of agro-ecological farming methods, indigenous farming, linking farming with policy, leadership and rights of women in agriculture. This event promises to be great and engaging for all attendees seeking and contributing critical insights on women and agriculture issues.

Edith van Walsum is the director of ILEIA and will bring her rich facilitation skills to engage both guest speakers and attendees in close connection with each other for experiences, skills and knowledge sharing.

ILEIA is the Centre for learning on sustainable agriculture; an independent organisation that supports agroecological approaches and family farming. ILEIA ensures coordination and coherence of network strategies and activities and this seminar fits well in this context.


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