COP21 outcomes: discussing the role for Wageningen

COP21 outcomes: discussing the role for Wageningen


On the 28th of January RUW Foundation and Greenoffice Wageningen organized a meeting about the Paris Climate Summit that took place in December. We invited 3 panelists that were involved with the COP21 in different ways to share their experiences.


Nila Kamil is a PhD at the Environmental Policy Group and attended the conference as part of the Indonesian delegation. Combined with her research on transparency issues this provided a great insiders-view on how these negotiations work. Read her article on the COP21 here.

Femke Lootens is a WageningenUR student from Belgium and initiated the “WU’R going to Paris” group. Due to the terror attacks two weeks prior to the conference which led to the cancellation of the protest march she and her group had to radically change their mission.

Saskia Visser coordinated the Paris delegation of the Climate-Smart Agriculture group from the Wageningen UR. She explained what Climate-Smart Agriculture is, told us how Wageningen was represented at the COP21 and laid out the opportunities and follow-ups that have been created by our presence at the conference.


Greenoffice introduced the event with an interactive presentation about their hitchhike adventure to Paris. This event was part of a nation-wide project by “Studenten voor Morgen” in which six different Green Offices throughout the Netherlands host activities concerning the results of COP21, to retain the attention generated by the summit and ensure concrete ideas and action will arise from it. Participating Green Offices were Utrecht, VU Amsterdam, Groningen, Leiden/Delft, Wageningen and Maastricht.


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