Shades of Green – The many colours of Environmentalism


The term “sustainability” is used for many different, and often conflicting, purposes. This year RUW foundation will help clarify the different stances and opinions on what is regarded “sustainable” and by whom. In 2016 the RUW year theme will be: “Shades of Green – What is your colour?”, focusing on the differences and similarities between the different stances towards sustainability.

We seek to deepen the debate by differentiating between the many colours of environmentalism. Colour is a particularly suitable metaphor for these differences as this is already used in literature on sustainability: light-green is been referred to as technology oriented, in favour of gradual change and optimistic. The dark-green is described as socially oriented, in favour of radical change and pessimistic. Between these extremes a palette of different opinions exists. As always, RUW Foundation does not take a position in the debate. We however invite students to think about their view and put themselves somewhere in the green spectrum, therefore the question: What is your colour?

On the 17th February we will make a start with exploring and learn more about the history of environmentalism. Besides we invite you to share opinions and discuss about environmentalism.

posterbord shades of green4


19.30 Doors open, coffee and tea

19.45-20.00  Welcome and introduction of RUW Foundation and our year theme “Shades of Green – What is your Colour?”.

20.00. – 20.15 Description of the different shades of green based on the history of environmentalism by Erik Jan van Oosten

20.15 – 21.30 Short introductions to topics related to environmentalism. Kris van Koppen will give a presentation about environmentalism with regard to nature. We also invite you to brainstorm with us about environmentalism.

21.30 Drinks

Erik Jan van Oosten on the history of Environmentalism
Kris van Koppen on Environmentalism with regard to nature                                           
Pim van der Horst on sustainability dilemma’s in agriculture and fruit production

When: 17 February, 19.30

Location: C521, Forum

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