Workshop felt your own sheep fur with the shepherds of Wageningen – One World Week


IMG_9709 - CopyIn the context of One World Week in which The Wageningen UR community celebrates its diversity, RUW foundation organized the workshop “Felt your own sheep fur”. At the barn of the shepherds of Grebbeveld Schapen &zo the 24 participants were first introduced to the practice of shepherding by Marjel and learned about its current use for the nature management of areas around Wageningen. After a tour through the barn where the sheep with newborn lambs were shown, everybody received their own piece of shaved sheep fur which had to be felted onto a thin layer of needle felted wool. Coloured threads of wool were added enthusiastically as decoration. Next, the fun part started! With hot water and soap we had to role our piece of wool over and over again so that the hairs would attach together as IMG_9708xa result from the friction caused by rolling. Little did we know that sheep fur felting was such a workout! After Marjel counted down those final long minutes and the excess water was drained from the sheep furs in the centrifuge the participants proudly brushed their sheep furs. With the tasting of a piece of sheep sausage offered by Marjel we closed a wonderful fun, creative and informative afternoon!



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