June 26th – Edible Wild Plant Walk & Harvest Dinner at Eco-village Ppauw

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On Sunday 26th of June WEP and RUW are organizing an Edible Wild Plant Walk. The perfect ending of the academic year but also a great start of the holidays where many of us will finally have the time to roam outside the classrooms and explore the outdoors with all its fascinating plants. The walk will be guided by Dave and Heeltsje who will teach us everything about edible wild plants. After we have collected some tasty wild plants and flowers we will go the Eco-village Ppauw and prepare a nice meal together with the harvest.WEP-Edible herbs walk

Date & time: June 26th, 15:00

Costs:  €4,- in cash.

Location: You will receive an email with the exact location where we will gather, but we will probably start close to the Uiterwaarden. Please bring your bike so we can go to Eco-village Ppauw to prepare our harvest dinner!


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