Re-localisation of the Budapest Degrowth conference

degrowth conference

A new economic paradigm called Degrowth is emerging. Through more sharing, more free time, less stuff and new forms of collaborating we can all live an enjoyable and meaningful life within planetary boundaries.

In Budapest a 5 day Degrowth conference will take place from 30 August until 3 September. RUW Foundation will re-localise this conference in Wageningen. As a co-location of the conference we will have a live video connection with the main event through which we will follow and contribute to the debate. The re-localisation will take place at the Wageningen University Campus in room C221. The event itself is free to attend and coffee/tea will be provided, lunch will be sold on site. Food and accommodation are up to the attendee to arrange. But there will be cake during 3 of the sessions, so be sure not to miss any. Keep an eye on this website and the Facebook event for more information.

  • What: Re-localisation Degrowth Conference
  • When: 30 Aug. – 3 Sept.
  • Where: Wageningen Campus, Room C221
  • Price: The lectures, debates and video conferences will be free, as will be the coffee. Food and a accomodation for the night is for your own account.

For more information have a look at the list of keynote speakers.

Graphique structure_final_Facebook
The general conference schedule, check below which sessions will be relocalised.

Day 1, Tuesday 30 September:

16h-18h: Opening plenary: Connecting the dots of degrowth – Federico Demaria, Filka Sekulova, Alexandra Köves, Vincent Liegey

18h30-20h Opening panel of the conference: Degrowth in semi-periphery context – Alexandra Köves, Zoltan Pogatsa, Danijela Dolenec, Giorgos Kallis

Day 2, Wednesday 31 September:

9h30-11h  Science and uncommon thinking – Clive Spash

16h30-18h30 Towards alliances of alternatives to development: Environmental justice, economic democracy, energy sovereignty, alternatives confluences, happiness, commons and degrowth – Research & Degrowth, EnvJustice and ACKnowl-EJ

19h-20h30 Evening plenary:Capitalism and (de)growth – Amaia Pérez Orozco, Susan Paulson, Iván Gyulai

Day 3, Thursday 1 August

9h30-11h From capitalist accumulation to a solidarity economy – Barbara Muraca

16h30-18h30 WORK Out of the Box! WORK and SUSTAINABILTY: new concepts of WORK in the Overshoot – Green European Foundation and Ökopolisz

19h-20h30 Alliances between Global North and Global South – Beatríz Rodríguez Labajos, Miriam Lang, Ashish Kothari, Edgardo Lander – Ulrich Brandt

Day 4, Friday 2 August

9h30-11h Radical Alternatives to Unsustainability and Inequality: A Global Perspective – Ashish Khotari

16h30-18h30 Degrowth in the Parliaments: High profile European politicians discuss ‘Politics of Degrowth’ and ‘Degrowth in Politics’ – Green European Foundation and Research & Degrowth

19h-20h30 Evening plenary: Is climate justice possible without degrowth? – Claudia Salerno Caldera, Jagoda Munic, Matthias Schmelzer Saturday

Day 5, Saturday 3 August

10h-12h30 Closing plenary: Polanyi, historical lessons, future challenges, semiperiphery – Gareth Dale / Vincent Liegey, Mladen Domazet, Alexandra Köves 

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