Re-Greening recap

On the 9th, 10th and 11th of September Wageningen’s first Re-Greening weekend took place. This is a collaborative introduction to the many green initiatives, places and people of Wageningen. Key organisers were Wageningen Environmental Platform, Fossil Free Wageningen and DWARS. RUW Foundation took on the role of promotion by creating and distributing the greenactive flyer and hosted the two capacity-building and community mapping sessions.


On Saturday the 10th RUW Foundation introduced the green active network to the new students of the Wageningen University and provided an overview of the current state of activities in Wageningen. After giving 8 different organisations 3 minutes to pitch what their initiative does, needs and wants a speed-date session between the new students was hosted. Several organisations have found interested people for their student boards and gained volunteers during this afternoon.

On Sunday the 11th of September green and ambitious plans for the next academic year were made at a workshop at Thuis Wageningen. The participants of the Re-greening weekend and representatives of the green organisations all hosted an “open space”  in which they were to discuss their ideas for the next academic year. In 4 rounds of open spaces many alliances were formed between people, places and organisations, several ideas for upcoming activities were created and solutions for unsustainable situations were discussed.

These sessions formed the reflective part of the weekend and the outcomes from both sessions are collected in a harvest document. The re-greening weekend was well received by both the participants and the organisers and it is intended to make this an annual recurring event that is up to par with the VIT weekends organised by the student associations.

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