Skills for Sustainability: Summer Camp

This summer the RUW Foundation team invites you for 8 days of hands-on sustainability training, because there is only so much one can learn from books and lectures. During this summer camp you get to experience the real deal and put your knowledge into practice! To do this we will live, learn and build in Wageningen’s own ecovillage PPauw and in the self-sustaining Strohplatz house in Germany. You will, together with a group of green-minded people, will learn relevant new skills, in two great and inspiring environments and get plenty of opportunity to apply these immediately! In total we have 25 places reserved, makes sure you subscribe before the 25th of may here.

The Preliminary schedule:

Sunday, July 9 – Arrive in the evening at Ppauw ecovillage.
– Tour through the ecovillage + get to know eachother + setting up tents
– Introduction to local currencies.
Monday, July 10 make your own soap.
– Crash course sustainable cooking.
– Work on a sustainability project of your choice.*
Tuesday, July 11 – Day excursion to inspiring. sustainability project in the Netherlands (TBA)
Buscraft workshop
– Edible plants workshop
Wednesday, July 12 – Work on a sustainability project of your choice*
– Afternoon excursion to inspiring sustainability project in Gelderland (TBA)
Repair cafe workshop (learn how to fix broken things)
Thursday, July 13 – Workshop electrical skills
– Sustainability skills transfer among participants through self-organised workshops
– Finalise the sustainability projects at Ppauw*
Build your own Pizza evening + Party night
Friday, July 14 – Travel to Strohplatz, Germany
– Introduction by Niels Gorisse, the initiator of Strohplatz.
– Reflect on first part of the summercamp.
Saturday, July 15 – Contribute to a Sustainable building project at Strohplatz
– Learn about off grid technologies and self-sufficient living
Permaculture design primer
Sunday, July 16 – A beautiful hiking tour through the German landscape
– Non-violent communication workshop
How are you going to use the skills and knowledge you’ve gained this week in your daily life?
– Travel back to Wageningen

* During the Summer camp we offer the following projects for skill development:

  • Building a Pizza-oven (and make delicious pizza’s!)
  • Learn how to garden and harvest by using agro-ecological and permaculture methodologies.
  • Construct a composting system which incorporates chickens in its design
  • Get creative by reusing plastic waste with various upcycle techniques.
  • Build an outdoor summer kitchen facility, including a rocket-stove, hooikist and solar cooker.
  • Create your own soap and cleaning products
  • Build a huge circus tent out of recycled and reclaimed materials.
  • Design and make a constructed wetland filtering system for rainwater catchment and purification.
  • Install a 3kWh off-grid solar PV energy system.
  • Bushcraft: Learn basic survival skills like making fire, build a shelter, find edible plants and drinkable water.

Costs:  150,- (235,- for non-WUR students) This includes transport, material, workshops, stay, most of the food, etc

Register here.

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