Organic versus Intensive Agriculture: The Facts!

We want to know the actual facts about organic agriculture! Therefore we organized a tour to the organic dairy farm ‘The Hooilanden’  and afterwards we will look at several statements about oganic agriculture. Because; what is the difference with intensive agriculture? Is it really ‘better’? These and all other things you always wanted to know are discussed during this event.
To join the tour costs €3, send an email to to subscribe!

– 15.30 Meeting at Forum, cycling to the Hooilanden
– 15.45 Tour at the Hooilanden
– 17.30 Discussing statements with our expert panel in C106, Forum

Our expert panel consists of: 

  • Bernadette Backers: from de Kardoen, organic shop in Bennekom
  • Bert Rijk: from the Plant Production Systems group (WUR)
  • Maria-Franca Dekkers: co-author of the book “A close look into organic statements”.

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