Weekend excursion to Germany: 14 – 16 July

Germany is leading the way in many ways when it comes to the transition to sustainability. The RUW team has arranged a special visit to a pioneer in self-sufficient and sustainable living at Stohplatz from the 14th to the 16th of July. We will learn about permacultureoff-grid technologies, contribute to a sustainable building project and have a hike through the beautiful landscape of the Eiffel.

The preliminary schedule

Friday, July 14 13.00 Gather in Wageningen and Travel to Germany 15.00 visit to Morbach, a renewable energy park and information centre 18.00 Dinner at local vegan restaurant

21.00 Introduction by Niels Gorisse, the initiator of Strohplatz.

22.00 Get to know eachother games + presentation about self-sufficiency

Saturday, July 15 9.00 Learn about off grid technologies and self-sufficient living

11.00 Non-violent communication workshop

13.00 Contribute to a Sustainable building project at Strohplatz

18.00 Dinner

20.00 Campfire

Sunday, July 16 9.00  A beautiful hiking tour through the German landscape

13.00 Permaculture design workshop primer

18.00 Dinner

20.00 Travel back to wageningen

You can register by sending an email with your name, student number and whether you have a car/drivers licence. The participation fee for this weekend is 30 euro which includes food, transport and accommodation. Note that there are only 15 places available for this excursion.


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