Vacancy: “Wageningen’s visions on the future of food”

A documentary about Wageningen UR

RUW Foundation is proud to announce that during the Academic Year 17/18 we will be making a video documentary around the topic of “Wageningen’s visions on the future of food“. The application for a position in the documentary is now open.

We have noticed that there are strong and often conflicting ideas and methods in Wageningen that are developed and promoted to feed the world sustainably. Globalise or localise? Permaculture or GMO’s? Or are these dichotomies outdated?

We want to create an overview the different schools of thought in Wageningen by interviewing researchers and professors and find out where their science agrees and disagrees. The spectrum of opinions is broad but we all work to “Explore the potential of nature to improve the quality of life” at the Wageningen University. This documentary is there to celebrate that diversity and to critically assess the beliefs that underpin these different schools of thought. The viewer should, after having watched the documentary, have a better understanding of the current state of Wageningen research in sustainable food systems and be able to form an opinion herself based on the information presented.

“How do we want to feed the world in a sustainable way?”

Additionally, we will produce a set of high quality knowlegde clips. These are excerpts from the documentary and extended interviews which didn’t make the cut for the documentary or are extended sections that delve deeper into one topic. These videos will be given to the Wageningen University for promotional useage and to celebrate the Centennial. 

Making a full-featured documentary is not a small challenge and we are aware of the amount of work that will have to go into this ambitious project. Only with your input and help we can create the documentary Wageningen deserves. That is why we applied for funding (FOS) for 5 Wageningen students to form the documentary team with us. Do you have experience in working with video? Do you dream about making a movie? Thanks to funding from Wageningen UR we are able to offer the following positions in the documentary team:

  • Director
    • The director is the logistic and artistic leader of the group and carries the final responsibility for the outcome.
    • Acts as contact person
    • Keeps the overview of the project
  • Camera person + planner
    • Operates the camera and has a keen eye for creating the most fitting shots. Having a camera is plus.
    • Sets the conditions for creating these shots: logistics, room booking, making sure everyone is there, etcetera.
  • Editor
    • Compiles and arranges the recorded material into a coherent and visually appealing product. Having experience with Premiere Pro, After Effects or other professional video software is a plus
    • Develops the styling of the documentary together with director and storyboard maker
  • Storyboard
    • Creates the narrative together with the researcher and director and visualizes this in a storyboard
    • Writes the script
    • Helps with the research and the creation of infographics and movie posters
  • Research + interviewer
    • Delves into the topic of sustainable food systems and finds who at WUR is relevant to talk to
    • Conducts the interviews and is able to ward off misleading answers
    • Is sceptical and critical by nature (with this we don’t mean cynical and negative)

The documentary team will be supported and supervised by the RUW Foundation board and coordinators throughout the process. All students and staff of Wageningen university can apply for these positions.

Send a short motivation in which you illustrate relevant experience for the role you aim for + some video material if you have done video projects in the past to The deadline for application is the 1st of October. The aim is to premiere the documentary in June 2018.

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