Vacancies at RUW

RUW Foundation has two vacancies in the student board. For our board we are looking for a Communications Officer and a Treasurer. In these functions you contribute to the general policy of RUW Foundation and you direct and support the coordinator team.

Communications Officer:

  • Responsible for human resources at RUW;
  • Arrange contracts, internal communication, vacancies and job applications;
  • Prevent and/or mediate in situations of internal conflict;
  • Responsible for the maintenance and expansion of the RUW network;
  • Represent RUW on Info-markets and network drinks;
  • Explore opportunities for external funding for RUW.


  • Responsible for the financial health of RUW Foundation;
  • Make budgets and financial overviews;
  • Handle transactions for activities and personnel;
  • Explore opportunities for external funding for RUW.


  • You are a Bachelor or Master student or recently graduated from Wageningen University or Van Hall Larenstein;
  • You have an affinity with the themes RUW Foundation covers;
  • You are enthusiastic about working and committing to an idealistic organization;
  • You are an active and creative person, feeling at home in a team & able to work independently;
  • You are willing to organize and help during evening activities;
  • You are in Wageningen for the coming year

We offer

  • The ideal opportunity to expand your network and gain work experience as a student or graduate;
  • An informative opportunity within an organization with over 30 years of experience;
  • The opportunity to organize activities about topics of your interest;
  • The possibility of deciding how you want to contribute to RUW Foundation both time and input wise;
  • A financial contribution for your commitment.

More information

If you would like to have more information about RUW foundation and the vacancies you can contact our chair, Mark van der Poel. Please send your CV’s + short motivation letters to We are looking forward to hearing from you!



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