Tegenlicht Meet-Up Wageningen: is pricing nature a good idea?

Nature is valuable. On that we can all agree. However, in the current state of the world there are not enough funds generated to cover the costs of conservation. Therefore, a growing call is emerging for the pricing of nature and a cost-benefit approach to nature management.

The discussion on the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of pricing nature runs right through the cultural landscape of Wageningen University. In a recent documentary by the critical media platform ‘Tegenlicht’ two of our most well-known professors – Ecosystem Service Accounter Lars Hein, and Nature Philosopher Matthijs Schouten – debate their contradictory perspectives on this question. Still, we – RUW foundation and Future for Nature Acadamy – believe this discussion is not yet explored to its limits. Therefore, we are hosting a night of debate with the professors at the public library on January the 19th.

The night will have two main elements. First we will start out with the screening of the Tegenlicht documentary ‘Hoe duur is de natuur?’ (how expensive is nature?). After which, a plenary and free discussion about its central questions will be facilitated with the professors.

We believe this is the best opportunity you’ll ever have to discuss these questions with the most bad-ass professors in Wageningen! So make sure to bring your thoughts and questions and not to miss-out on this amazing opportunity!


19.00 – 19.10 Entrance

19.10 – 20.00 Screening of documentary

20.00 – 20.15 Break

20.15 – 21.30 Plenary Discussions with the Professors

 Practical info:

  • This event will take place in De Bblthk, Stationsstraat 2, Wageningen
  • Both the screening and discussion can be visited apart from each other.
  •  The documentary is Dutch, without subtitles. The debate is in English.
  •  Consumptions are available for 1,50,-
  •  Entrance is free, and no subscription necessary

Let us know you are coming on our facebook event & invite your friends/colleagues.

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