About us

About us

The RUW foundation is short for the RUral Wageningen foundation and focusses among others on rural themes. RUW aims to give students the chance to broaden or deepen their knowledge of themes that are being discussed at the WUR. Also RUW aims to provide knowledge and involve students in societal issues relevant to the WUR’s themes.

The themes include:

  • Agriculture
  • Sustainable Development
  • Food production and consumption
  • Green space
  • Waste management
  • Water
  • Urban-rural relations
  • Resource management
  • Energy
  • And more…

By shedding light on a topic from different perspectives we create a platform for exchange and discussion between students and other parties of different studies, backgrounds and disciplines. The activities of RUW can both complement and contradict views that are part of the Wageningen University education. Students therefore get the opportunity to form a critical opinion on topics of their interest. By attending our activities students build their network by getting in touch with innovative companies and projects, as well as researchers, policy makers, artists and governmental organisations.

In a practical, educational and fun manner RUW builds bridges between the science of Wageningen University and the practice. RUW puts the emphasize on information about solutions and aims to inspire students and to give them a sense of what they can achieve with their studies.

To achieve these aims RUW organises lectures, workshops, debates and excursions. Also RUW can be more directly involved with the education of the WUR by for example assisting in ACT projects. The RUW foundation is funded mainly by Wageningen University.

Are you interested in organising activities together with the RUW team? As a student, you can turn your own ideas into activities or assist us with the organisation of upcoming activities. Click here to get informed about the possibilities.

Are you curious about the people behind the organisation? Click here to see who we are.