Blog: Unilever and the scientific project

Thoughts by David:

This week the shareholders of ‘Unilever’ decided not to move the head office of this multinational to the Netherlands. Not a big deal – shareholders are ultimately the stakeholders multinationals account to -, were it not that their decision has been stirring and overturning the dutch political debate for months now.

Find some elements of the story here:

I am not against big companies or multinationals on campus, but do feel this is the right time to again share this ‘Resource’ article about the opportunities and threats of Unilever on campus of Oct 2016. I feel the piece remains wel balanced by letting different Wageningen researchers speak their minds, but also warns us for the situation that is evolving today.

My open question is:
might we ultimately be ‘throwing our image down the drain’ by too closely knitting with these companies? And therefore doing a disservice to the whole scientific project?

David de Winter
Senior Coordinator @RUW

Who knows.