Creative thinking about the scientific method (26/06)

This RUW foundation event opens up conversation about the scientific method.

Two high-quality researchers, known for their creativity, will speek freely about their scientific process. Paralel to their stories,RUW will facilitate discussion on the current state of – and innovation in – the scientific method.

The first researcher is Marten Scheffer. Professor of the aquatic ecology and water quality management group. He is know two be a polymath, who combines music, art and rockhard science to explore
the stablity and chaos in complex systems.

The second researcher is Paul Roncken. He recently got promoted on his disseration ‘Shades of Sublime’. In his research he used creative, but controversial, methods – like fictive letters between philosophers over time and space – and had to legitimize this to his reading commision.

THe audiance will have ample opportunity for open discussion with Marten and Paul about methos and innovation in our scientific inquiry. Make sure to bring your personal stories and questions, for they will spark the course of our conversation.

26 June, 20:00-22:00 @Impulse speakers corner