Movie and discussion: Plastic Paradise

“Away does not really mean away” – Plastic Paradise

What: Movie and Discussion // Part of November Plastic Month

Where: TBA

When: 25 nov // 19.30

Lots of plastics are produced, but every single molecule of plastic is still on earth, due to its inability to biodegrade. Plastic Paradise is set on the island Midway which is in the middle of the Pacific ocean and is home to scientists and a large colony of albatross. The island looks idyllic, but is also home to the non-native plastic as it is in the middle of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

The documentary by Angela Sun will be concluded with a conclusion led by Jan Joris Midavaine, who cleans beaches in Zeeland and asks attention for this huge problem. Check out the event for up to date information!

Lecture: Reduce Plastic Waste

What do the following items have in common? Liquid laundry detergent, tooth paste, tomatoes and raspberries? They all come with plastic packaging. Questions following from this observation could be: how can I reduce this amount, and, is plastic a bad thing? GO, WEP and RUW organised a lecture evening to answer, among others, these questions.

Karin van de Stadt (Kennisinstituut Duurzaam Verpakken) explained how packaging is more than the producer trying to get the product to the customer, but also has to do with product safety and costs. Karin Molenveld (Food & Biobased Research, WUR) taught us the different origens of plastic and that biobased does not necessarily mean biodegradable. The final speaker was Wim van Dijk who is planning to start Bag & Buy, the first packaging free shop in the Netherlands. His plan is currently in the crowdfunding phase, if you want to know more or wish to support him, click here.