Online Releasing | The Future Table Documentary


To support the festivities around WUR’s 100th birthday, RUW Foundation facilitated a group of highly motivated and creative students to make a documentary about the future of food. The documentary is called The Future Table, and the team had the challenge of showing Wageningen’s different visions on how we should design our food system.

***We are happy to introduce the team:
Elena Ama | Researcher and Interviewer
Emily Liang | Narrator
Mehrab Khan | Photography and Visual Effects
Thais Varella | Director
Wytse Vonk | Cameraman and Editor

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‘Hamburgers in Paradise’ | RUW Bookclub


A new round of the book club ‘RUW bookclub’ is coming up, and this time, we are reading ‘Hamburgers in Paradise’.

This book is the magnum opus of the chair of the executive board of Wageningen UR; prof. Louise Fresco. In it, she discusses the past, present, and future of our food systems.

Louise Fresco is a super productive, very influential, and multi-dimensional writer and communicator, whose thoughts, and the resulting vision for our future, are often leading for the positioning of Wageningen UR in the world. Therefore, we think that Prof. Fresco, and her work are very interesting themes to study as an actor in Wageningen. In addition, we hope that studying her work will help us deepen the scientific character of the university by facilitating informed and constructive critique on one of its most influential contributors.

Some important dates:
Monday evening, 10 of December, we will discuss the book among each other in a cozy book club night.

– In the second half of January, we want to host another night of discussion and debate. We will formulate questions for Prof. Louise Fresco, hoping that she will answer them for a public critique of the book.
Please let us know if you want to join this round of the book club at – it will help us immensely if you let us know-, and how we might help you attain your copy of ‘Hamburgers in Paradise’.

Kind regards,
The RUW team.