World Café: The State of Science

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How do you experience the scientific process in Wageningen? And where might it improve?

With this first edition of the World Café organized by the RUW foundation, we want to create an informal room to exchange experiences, thoughts and ideas about how we experience the scientific process in Wageningen. Everybody in and around the university is part of the academic climate in one way or another, so we feel it’s a good idea to share thoughts about why it works, what we like, problems we run into, and ideas on how to improve the quality of our work… The goal of this evening will be to casually broaden our perception about what it means to work in science via personal stories in a World Café type of setting. We think that talking in a casual way from our personal perspectives about these issues can be very inspiring, useful and fun. Therefore we would like to invite everybody – science pratitioners and science entuousiasts, professionally and/or non-professionally and directly or indireclty involved with science – in Wageningen, to join this dialogue and share experiences and thoughts with others.

During this evening we facilitate three rounds of casual dialogue (of ca. half an hour), centred around the following general questions:

1. What makes good science?
2. Are the structures enabling us to do our work as good as we want/should?
3. What do we want to improve?

During, in the meantime, and after the rounds, we are in a relaxed bar-setting, and can also enjoy many other stories with a drink in our hands.

When? November 28, 2018 – from 19h30 to 22h30

Where? Eetcafé H41 (upstairs)

For more information, follow our Facebook page.


‘Hamburgers in Paradise’ | RUW Bookclub


A new round of the book club ‘RUW bookclub’ is coming up, and this time, we are reading ‘Hamburgers in Paradise’.

This book is the magnum opus of the chair of the executive board of Wageningen UR; prof. Louise Fresco. In it, she discusses the past, present, and future of our food systems.

Louise Fresco is a super productive, very influential, and multi-dimensional writer and communicator, whose thoughts, and the resulting vision for our future, are often leading for the positioning of Wageningen UR in the world. Therefore, we think that Prof. Fresco, and her work are very interesting themes to study as an actor in Wageningen. In addition, we hope that studying her work will help us deepen the scientific character of the university by facilitating informed and constructive critique on one of its most influential contributors.

Some important dates:
Monday evening, 10 of December, we will discuss the book among each other in a cozy book club night.

– In the second half of January, we want to host another night of discussion and debate. We will formulate questions for Prof. Louise Fresco, hoping that she will answer them for a public critique of the book.
Please let us know if you want to join this round of the book club at – it will help us immensely if you let us know-, and how we might help you attain your copy of ‘Hamburgers in Paradise’.

Kind regards,
The RUW team.