Social Sustainability


Society is changing. Direct social and local connections are weakening whilst global networks are getting people in touch with people and companies from all around the world! 

The interesting connections between the societal and environmental aspects will be explained by our keynote guest speaker Paul Hendriksen during the WEPtalks on the 10th of January. Paul, chairman of the Transition Towns network in the Netherlands, has great knowledge on the way sustainability is fused in the social connections people have with one another. He will explain this by using Transition Towns principles.

Transition towns are a global phenomenon. This video gives a good impression on what the transition culture is about.

These WEPtalks will consists of two sessions. The first event will be a keynote lecture, taking place the 18th of January in C104 of the Forum Building, in which we will learn more about sustainability from a social perspective. Paul is specialized in improving and accelerating these social and sustainable movements on local scale which he applies in his work for ‘De Stroomversnellers‘. The second event will be a workshop taking place in the VIP room (V031) of the Forum Building on 24 January at 19.30 for everyone who want to make a positive impact in 2017. The emphasis will be on the creation and strengthening of sustainable networks such as the Green Active Network in Wageningen and development and empowerment of ideas for 2017.

Are you down to kick-start the new year with good resolutions? These WEPtalks will surely inspire you to become part of the just and fair transition which the world is craving for. Be part, be there! 10th and 18th of January.

Dakota Access Pipeline Information Meeting

There is an uprising in the United States over the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline. On Thursday 3 November RUW Foundation and OtherWise Wageningen will host an info meeting about this situation, followed by a Skype session with the people at the front line. With our keynote Chihiro Geuzebroek we will first explore the narratives of indigenous rights, climate justice and colonialism after which we will have a Skype with the people at the Standing Rock community.

What: Dakota Access Pipeline Information Meeting

When: 3 November

Where: Wageningen Campus, Forum Building, C221