Documentary Team

To support the festivities around WUR’s 100th birthday RUW is facilitating a group of highly motivated and creative students to make a documentary about the ‘future of our food systems’. They will inquire into the different perspectives that live on this question within the university, and show how they interrelate on our way forward. We all live in high anticipation and will keep you updated on this page!

We are also happy to introduce the team:

My name is Elena, I am the researcher and interviewer of the team. I’ve just finished my studies in international development at WUR. I enjoy cooking health food and listening to people’s stories. I am sure this will be a great documentary!





Hi! I am Emily! I am the storyboarder for this documentary and I am currently obtaining a master’s degree in Aquaculture and Marine Resource Management at WUR. I believe that while every person and organism is unique and different from each other, we all eat! That’s why food sustainability is so relevant and intriguing, not just to study, but to explore. I enjoy farming and creating anything and everything, from stories to sketches. My goal for the documentary is to communicate meaningful perspectives in a positive and entertaining way 🙂



I am Mehrab, the planner and camera man. My background is in circular economy, studying biological cycles in agriculture. My hobbies are video making, especially communication and design. I am confident about our skills, we are ready to start!





Hello! My name is Thais, the director of the team. I am studying a master’s degree in urban environmental management at WUR. I enjoy meditating, traveling and being around nature. I believe the documentary is a great opportunity to show what people with different opinions have in common.





I am Wytse and I am a second year bachelor student plant sciences. I am very interested in future food and innovation in food production. In the documentary team, I am mainly responsible for the film aspect. I have experience with making short videos at the WUR and I think making a full length documentary is a great challenge!