Rural Wageningen Foundation has a long history of organizing activities for students in Wageningen. In 1978 the so-called ‘Themagroep Regionale Ontwikkeling’ (TRO, Thematic Group on Regional Development) was founded, as a response to the lack of interdisciplinarity and as an attempt to involve citizens in planning processes.

In 2000 TRO merged with ‘Themagroep Landbouw en Milieu’ (TLM, Thematic Group on Agriculture and Environment), which organized all kinds of activities, such as debates on alternatives for industrialized agriculture. The aim of TLM was to show that agriculture is not only limited to scaling up and increasing production. Other developments, such as bio-farming, were also part hereof.

As a result of this merger, Rural Wageningen Foundation (RUW foundation) has been established. The foundation brings students together to discuss new developments in the field of food production, water management and many other interdisciplinary topics.