Mission & Vision

The goal of RUW is to bring students in contact with practice in the green and agricultural space. RUW’s mission is to let students broaden and deepen their knowledge about recent themes and stimulate a critical attitude among them. RUW wants to stir up enthusiasm among students to engage in these social relevant themes. RUW does not take things for granted; and has a critical viewpoint on societal developments and themes discussed in study programmes. RUW therefore likes to bring people together with different backgrounds and ideas. RUW organises integrating activities to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and views between students, scientists, policymakers, industry and other relevant actors. Each year a relevant topical theme for the activities is chosen. A wide variety of activities is organised, such as lectures, debates, workshops and excursions. Our Academic Consultancy Training courses encourage students to adopt both environmental and socio-economic considerations. By these activities, RUW contributes to the public debate while highlighting critical studies and groundbreaking viewpoints.

The most important goals of RUW are:

  • Contribute to a critical and socially-oriented vision of students.
  • Function as the link between students and practice in the green space.
  • Contribute to the personal and academic development of students.
  • Seek for a responsible and sustainable use of land. RUW focuses on the different functions in the green space and the tension between them.
  • Contribute to the public debate on the organization of the green space.
  • Provide knowledge and information to students.