Hungry for FOOD WASTE?

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Together with Rural Sociology group, Boerengroep, ILEIA and Green Office, we organized a capita selecta about Food Waste in the second period of 2014. We looked at wasteful practices, their causes and solutions at different points of the food chain: from production, distribution to retail and consumption. A recap of the first three lecture evening can be found here.
RUW organized the evening about retail. René Haijema elaborated on ordering models of supermarkets, Onno Franse explained Ahold’s position towards food waste, and Kromkommer told us about their strategies to combat food waste and to raise awareness about wasteful practices along the chain. RUW also organized an excursion to the Food Bank in Wageningen. The Food Bank is run by volunteers and provides 250 families in and around Wageningen with food boxes every week. Wim Schoemans and Wim de Wit explained how the food bank works, where the food comes from and how it reaches the clients and which rules the Food Bank has to comply with, with regard to food safety regulations.