Debate: Gentech for sustainability?

When:      8th of April, 19.30 – 22.30 h
Where:     C314 @ Forum Building
Costs:      FREE

What will we miss when we choose to abandon Gentech in agriculture?
Do we need Gentech in order to provide a more sustainable way of food production?
How do experts see the future and what would they change about the current food production system? 
                                                                                    poster GMO debat

Under the direction of dr. Bert Lotz (WUR), some different possible answers will be discussed together with three experts who have different views on this topic:

Justus Wesseler – WUR, AEP
Herman van Bekkem – Greenpeace
Peter Metz – Monsanto Holland BV

Of course there will be enough time for you to participate in the debate as well. With the aid of an interactive debate with questions, green and red cards and a drink afterwards, we will make sure that it will be a good, educational and inspirational evening.

Hopefully see you there and feel free to participate and to join the discussion!

Wageningen goes Arts & Design


RUW and the Cultural Geography Chair group present: Nature, food, animals and landscape – seen through the eyes of artists and designers.

What: Lecture and discussion
When: Thursday 27 February, 19-21
Where: Forum C314

With: Sascha Landshoff (DeTostiFabriek – The Toastie Factory)
What if you were to produce all the ingredients for a toastie yourself? From scratch? In Amsterdam, an experimental project was set up called the ‘Tosti Fabriek’ where all the ingredients were produced in an old factory. Grain was harvested and turned into bread, pigs were kept to produce ham and cows were milked to produce cheese. The entire process before the grilled sandwich arrives on your plate was captured in one place, making the cycle of production visible and reflect on the relations between people and food in the city.

And: Henriette Waal (Outdoor Brewery)
How can you make the landscape drinkable? Henriette is an artist and designer (Design Academy Eindhoven) who made an outdoor installation for beer brewing. She uses rainwater and wild plants for brewing beer, turning the landscape into an ingredient.

And: ‘Bartaku’ (Plant based photo-voltaic cells)
How can we use plants to generate energy? Bart Vandeput not only investigates the energy potential of plant based photovoltaic cells, but in the process generates new ways of relating to energy (consumption): what if we could eat it? And generate electricity with our body?

This lecture is the kick-off for a Capita Selecta ‘Environmental Humanities’ about the relation between science, technology and art. Work from artists and designers that relate to themes such as nature, food, animals and poverty is central in this course. Inspired by your essay and in conversation with you, students of the Rietveld Academy of Arts will work on creating designs which will be exhibited in Wageningen. More info about the course (5th period, 3ECTS): click here or contact